Jewellery Photography


Jewellery is notoriously difficult to photograph. I have spent years working in-house at one of the country's leading jewellery houses working hands on to learn how high-end jewellery should look and just how expensive it can be to send off to a specialist jewellery photographer. I am here in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter to bridge the gap; offering jewellery photography with more expertise than your average photographer, but without the massive price tag that comes with the more well established jewellery photographers.

If you are based in the Jewellery Quarter come in and see me, I'm just round the corner/down the road.

Product Photography


Not a jeweller? No problem, you can still come to Magpie Photography for high quality product photography at affordable rates.

360 Spins


Using high-end pack shot technology, I can provide an interactive 360 degree view of your products with background removal and focus stacking so that your products can look as good in a spin as they do in a static photo. Spins are stored in the cloud, so I can give you an embed code to drop it straight into your website or social media campaign at the size and frame rate that you need.

I am currently limited to items up to 18 x 16 x 15 cm and 1kg weight, but check back again if you need larger; as my business grows so will my technical capabilities.

Workbench Shots


As the son of a jeweller/hand-engraver, I have access to a working jewellery workshop and all of the tools that go with it. I am therefore equipped to take photographs which will give your customers the impression of your jewellery being bespoke and hand-made.